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With Valentine’s Day coming up, I took it upon myself to explore the dating scene here at UCR.A lot can be learned about the trial and error of relationships from reading other people’s stories in the media, magazines or books. Get back up and try again (with someone else of course).According to the Match Group site, 50% of people would opt out of dating someone with opposing political views, a figure that has been steadily rising since 2008.And in a recent study, called Words and Politics, the site revealed that people’s political views can also determine how singles advertise themselves online.Once a date is set, his pre-date routine includes going to get a haircut the day of the date and picking out his outfit.Torres also believes in holding the door for his date and paying if he initiated the date.It's a great resource for quickly referencing all the top news on a particular Internet dating site or app. - small dating services with under 100k reg a year. Please comment below here, or on Facebook or Linkedin, wherever you see this post, or email me at [email protected]

“To dig into this, we looked at words used on tens of thousands of Ok Cupid profiles to see which ones best distinguish liberals and conservatives, and then compared those words to Ok Cupid match questions.” By doing this, Ok Cupid were able to create a picture of the opposing political spectrums, built up by users’ likes, favourite activities and interests.

One thing is for sure, people that use personal matchmaking services are not unfortunate and destitute people.

They are people just like you and me, people who want to find love and have the courage to try something different to make that dream a reality.

Conversely, generating a connection and chemistry online is not always easy.

You may be talking to someone online for weeks before you actually meet them, only to finally meet them and realize there was no connection at all.

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