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11), the intricate work is indeed "That ‘70s Show" as produced the ‘70s, by the famously repressed nation that brought you “No Sex Please — We’re British” and Monty Python.

But on the Huntington Stage, both pratfalls and daffiness are expertly pulled off.

Reviewing an early Georges Feydeau comedy, a droll critic predicted that this master farceur would go mad and end his days in an asylum.

That’s exactly what happened, which suggests there might be more going on than all the laughs you’ll enjoy in watching American Players Theatre’s exquisitely executed and ferociously funny production of Feydeau’s “A Flea in Her Ear.” It’s now on stage under David Frank’s direction, in the company’s outdoor amphitheater in Spring Green.

The second involves a case of mistaken identity: The hubby and the hotel porter look exactly alike.

No surprise there, since both characters are played by David Daniel.

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