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While focusing explicitly on sex is not likely to work out for many brands, there are numerous examples of popular, toned-down dating content that you can feel comfortable watching at work.

This past weekend, Galore kicked it backstage at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival, and we had the opportunity to chat with one of our fave babes on the lineup, singer and songwriter Maggie Lindemann.

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Soon enough, their sexuality will be back in harness—they’ll be married, with children, their primal impulses constrained again by commitment and culture.

Her anthemic tune “Pretty Girl” has basically been stuck in our heads since she rocked it on stage.

But, as the song goes, she’s Last night Taylor Swift dropped her new wack single “Look What You Made Me Do” and it didn’t take long before people were like, “LOL. Wait, let me tweet about it.” Hope you can stand the heat new Taylor, cuz ur about 2 get roasted.

But for now, they’re a cohort of sexually electric young adults, and romance is one big, heaping helping of yes. Their parents and grandparents had their turn at it, but theirs was sex within limits, sex by the rules, sex—let’s be honest—as intercourse. MORE The New Dating Game: How Smartphone Apps Have Changed Courtship Except it’s not.

The new generation has sex with a wink, sex with awareness—sex as an exercise in bonding and socializing, experimentation, even irony, sex as a complex act that can mean anything at all or nothing at all, and you know what? The popular trope of the Millennial age is that sex and love might not be any different now from what they’ve always been, but the way they’re practiced and pursued has changed meaningfully, in large part because of the technology that enables it.

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    Many men like Americans, Brits and Italian have “romance tour” to Ukraine hoping to find a wife.