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I still haven’t figured out exactly what that means, but it only happens once in a while, usually with people who I knew from school, not family members or people who grew up on my street. Usually I’m only brought people who either mirror my experience in some way, or who have problems that I easily understand.

I assume it means there is some meaningful reason why I “bumped into them” this lifetime, and then I ask for the cord to be cut just like I do after every reading I do for anyone. I never consciously think of telepathy as being a real thing.

Usually, literally – they were on the other end of the phone, or they’d tell me later that they were talking about me But – I’m an intuitive, and sometimes I hear these things. Only once in my life would I call it a genuine distraction, and to this day I doubt very much that my friend was thinking of me at all – I sort of ascribed it to some kind of old connection (because I hadn’t seen him in a couple of decades) that I was supposed to learn about so I could clear it and move on in a current situation.

I never really understood it any better than it being an “old tie.” When I do readings for people I know personally, I often will see an ethereal cord.

Please note that the Basic Text (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous) and the pamphlets distributed by FWS are the only S. This meditation book guides readers the strength and courage within themselves that is necessary to face the lingering shadows of sex addiction, providing solace for the pain and inspiration for lasting recovery.

The only thing I’d experienced was the occasional calling of a friend.

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, è un libro in formato digitale a cui si può avere accesso mediante computer e dispositivi mobili, come smartphone, tablet PC e dispositivi appositamente ideati per la lettura di testi lunghi in digitale, detti e Reader (ebook reader).

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