Six updater dayz not updating

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It's a piece of software that automatically manages your ARMA II mods - once you've got it up and running, installing Day Z is as simple as choosing a server and waiting for the updater to pull down the necessary files.

For more advanced instructions, check out the official guide to using Six Updater and the tool's documentation .

There's no easy way to get around this, it's just a combination of Steam doing odd things and Microsoft's online install system.

The idea is that you can use the shortcut this adds to your desktop to launch Day Z every time and it will automatically get the latest version, if needed, and then launch the game.

Arma 2: "D:\Games\Arma2", , , - "D:\Games\Arma2\Arma2_Operation_Arrowhead".

Six updater - "" - @dayz - " " - " , BIKeys, " OA, , .

For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

We hope you will enjoy the module as much as we have while making it!

2.3 Six Updater; 2.4 Manual Install IMPORTANT - one other thing you have to do is go to steam right click on Arma 2 Note: This is only useful for modfolders that actually exist on the updater network. If you play PC games and haven't heard of Day Z yet, then it's time to crawl out from under The Six Launcher will install the Day Z mod.UPDATE TO THE UPDATE 23rd July 2012: Use Day Z Commander instead, it's fast, has all the features I wanted to put in the "plus" version and looks impressively slick.I will leave my launcher below for posterity, but it won't be updated and doesn't include features like automatic beta patching.Features 1000 Dutch additions Custom units, weapons, equipment & objects Custom planes, choppers, trucks, cars, bikes, ATV's, APC's, tanks, ships & trains Custom intro & music, loading screens & texts, map markers, flags & editor unit groups Custom island (map), single & multiplayer missions ARMY: MBT Leopard 2A6, Cheetah AA & CV-90 35&40mm, Boxer, Patria XA-188, The Fox, YPR, M113, M577, M109A3 Paladin & MLRS, DAF (YAD, YAS, YAL), Scania R500, T810 & Unimog Support Trucks, Caterpillar, RG31 Nyala, Fennek, HMMWV, GD240, G250 & 265 Wolf, Land Rovers, VW4, Sprinter, M1030, TT650, ATV, Patriot Missile Systems MIM-104 Male & Female soldiers AIRFORCE: F-35A/B Lightning II (F-001), F-16A First Dutch Falcon (J-229), F-16A Demoteam 2008 (J-055) & 2013 (J-015, 313sqn) Smokewinders, F-16A Tigerteam 2010 & 2012 Edition (313sqn, J-222), F-16A 50 & 60 Years 323sqn Edit.-=XTRA=-Gooz3: F-16A Tigerteam 2010 J-222 F-16 Falcon Demoteam 2008 J-055 & 2013 J-015 F-16A The First Dutch Falcon J-229 Fighter pilots & Engineers The Fox Kazimierz: F-35B Lightning II (RNLAF, F-001) Aart: Chinook D-101 & Boxer 8x8 Vince: F-16A "Dirty Diana" 50years Edit.& F-16 J-873 fix Tuttie: Crew chief & Heli pilot SCRIPTS & MODELS: Vilas: Mega contributor hcpookie & eggbeast: Rocketpods, pilars & lots of configs & modeling Gran Q: CV-9035 model upgrade _William: Foliage Camouflage System v1.0 markb50k: Converting, bug fixing & mission -=XTRA=-Gooz3: F-16 Falcon Upgrade & Cheetah weapon systems and sound -=XTRA=-Tox1m: Smokewinder Script (org script by Oksman To H) LOGO ARTISTS: Aart (in game) & -=XTRA=-Rico Loading screen by: =KCT=Blackmamba Models thanks too: hcpookie: Spec.Craft v3.0, Deployable Camo Nets v2.0, Traincab v1.1, Ships 2.2, BO105 v1.0, SAMS v2.3 Vilas: CV9035, M109, YPR, M577, Unimog, VW4, BMW7, Skoda, Volvo, Sprinter, Troops, Diemaco, HK416 & Spike Aeneas2020, DDAM, Lord Jarhead, Dimitri Harkov, Binkowski, Eki,(Sic-Disaster), raven DK, Enad: RNLA v5.2 Feint: RQ-11 Raven UAV, US Coast Guard Boats & F35 skin, CAMO_CHANGER v1.6, 1.0, 1.0, 1.6 Marseille77: MP-59, SIG226, M109A3, Austra Mod v1.22, Overall, General Guba & Angelina Mankyle & Arremba San Zorzo of Pedagnemod Team, Gnat & Mandoble (Navy Crew & Ships) Schnapsdro Sel: Female US Soldier beta3, diver beta3 & blackops beta1, OA mercs AMT & BWMOD: Wolf, FOX, Leopard, Gepard, container & ammocrates (v1.41 v1.7) [FRL]Myke & Footmunch: F-16 & Missile pack v1.2 fixed & v3.51 Michael Haegele: F-16 Falcon Demoteam 2010 skin for FSX VXR: F-16 Falcon RNLAF v 0.9 Matt Brewer: F-16 Sound Enhancement 2Beta Konyo: MH-47E v1.3, Airbus A320 v1.3 Hostage edit.

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